Regional plan Talentis Hungary

The Talentis region is located west of Budapest. It is a beautiful hilly landscape with lots of agriculture and small villages. Since the ’90s it was popular to live in one of the villages and work in Budapest. This leads to suburbanisation and urban sprawl affects the character of the villages.

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The question was to design a plan where the increasement of the village residents would be an enrichment without any disadvantages. The plan-which is Proposed, pays attention to the green character Especially with the middle area. The villages get expansion possibilities appropriateness to the scale and a number of new residents-which can keep in the high quality of services in the villages. More growth is being Realized by growing together two villages on the west side of the lake.

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Regional stedenbouwkundig plan voor Talentisgebied ten westen van Budapest

De Talentis region is gelegen ten westen van Budapest. Het is een mooi glooiend landschap met veel landbouw en kleine dorpen. Vanuit Budapest is het sinds de jaren `90 een geliefde plek om er te wonen in èèn van de dorpen en te werken in Budapest. Deze suburbanisatie leidt echter tot wildgroei en tast het karakter van de dorpen aan.

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