Fido Park met buurthuis in het 8e district in Budapest Hongarije

Ontdek hier hoe we onze passie omgezet hebben in concrete acties en bekijk de impact die we samen hebben gecreëerd. Samen streven we naar verbetering

Social program
Budapest’s 8th district, called Józsefváros, is one of the most interesting and colorful part of the city. Magdolna Quarter is located in this district. Physical and social backwardness is very significant in this quarter. The rate of disadvantaged families, gypsy population and unemployment is high, the level of education is low.

A long-term social program has started in 2005 with these aims: – providing proper homes to the inhabitants with different social and cultural background, – setting up an attractive urban environment involving the inhabitants, – basing new cultural-social public places.
The goal is to stop the backwardness and to integrate the area into the district, keeping the unique characteristics, and in this way setting up a sustainable city-quarter.

In 2011 the third phase of the social program has started. This phase contents the rehabilitation of more public spaces. One of them is located between Fiumeiand Dobozi streets, this is where FiDo’s name comes from. This renovation means actually a comprehensivesocial program including sport and recreation possibilities. In the quarter there is very less green area and open spaces for sport activities. Teenagers are inserious danger getting in criminal groups or having drugs.
The most important goal is to offer such programs, events and sport opportunities for the local children and young population, which can provide them possibilities for spending their free time on a useful and healthy way.
Social workers will help the young visitors in the community building and in the park. Due to proper programs, interesting events children hopefully will feel the park as their own. The rest of the plot will remain green area for recreation, a significant part of the area will be used for sport activities. The building will give place for indoor activities in a community room and of course the building contents service and operation zones as well.